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  • Te Whau Hill Retreat Wenderholm Regional Park New Zealand (map)


Come and Celebrate the Snow Moon

With Wild Alchemy and Nicola Robinson Evans

This will also include health from a holisitic perspective and things that you can do for your body as we move from Winter to Spring - facilitated by Fleur Heaton (Wild Alchemy) and Nicola Robinson Evans. Fleur will be teaching based on an infusion of naturopathic principles, First Nations, Rongoa and Traditional Chinese medicine teachings that are earth centred teachings. 

Tea ceremony with Nicola
Nature walk on the land and plant identification
Sound Bowl Healing in nature
Preparing a simple Rongoa Infusion and Smudge Stick (smoke medicine)
Winter / Spring Wellness - what you can do for your body at this time of year as we come into Spring from a holistic naturopathic perspective. 
How we relate this back to the environment and the environment within ourselves. 

There will be a organic, vegetarian food provided, herbal infusions, Organic Mechanic Kombocha and healthy raw treats. 

Come journey with us and te ngahere (the forest).

Based at Te Whau Hill Bush Retreat 20 mins north of Auckland.
6 hours of learning, 
Spaces are limited to 15 people. 
$199 per person


Nicola is a nature worshiping, born and bred kiwi farm wahine, hailing from the bountiful South Island of Aotearoa.  With an inherent affinity with all things nurturing, largely due to her grounded upbringing, on and in unison with the land, and in deep connection with the animals that helped to raise her, Nic has an instinctively soft, compassionate essence and a wild at heart spirit.  Nic currently resides on a regenerative farm in the lush lands of the Northern Rivers in Redland Australia along with her beloved family, including a plentitude of animals that she cares for. Nic dedicates her time to a number of healing traditions ranging from rebirthing the sacred land that she is the humble guardian of, a deeply rooted tea practice, equine therapy and massage, and as a certified health coach her affection for nutrition, wellness and the art of synchronising the mind, body and nervous system, from a holistic approach is undoubtably one of her innermost loves.  Gratefully sharing her heartfelt gifts and diving into the potent space of unconditional love, trust and acceptance has become a prominent thread in Nic’s Earthly journey and evolving alongside others is indeed her innate calling

Fleur has a love and deep appreciation for the gifts that the earth holds and how working in harmony with an individual can bring about profound healing.

In her work as a Naturopath she has found herself drawn to working with the plants and using herbal medicine to facilitate change and healing for her clients. Fleur works to form a union with the individual and the foundation of naturopathy to gently guide her clients to better health. She uses mindful tools to bring her clients back into equilibrium and back to themselves. Her approach honours the individual and gently teaches them to unlock and acknowledge their own wisdom and the process of self healing through the journey of self.

Fleur holds a Bachelor of Naturopathy and is dedicated to self development in her field and furthering her knowledge in the area of Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine. She has a particular focus on Rongoa, New Zealand Native Herbal Medicine, and community/public health.